The Latest Trend In Embroidery – Embroidery On Paper

By | August 13, 2017

Paper Embroidery is one of the most creative embroidery methods that was introduced to the world. This method was introduced many years ago, however it lost its trend as time passed by. Yet, as how they say, “what goes around comes back around”, paper embroidery has begun to catch up with being the latest trends of embroidery techniques. This is one of the most creative ways of producing an elegant and perfectly aligned embroidery. To know how, continue reading.

Easy To Learn Technique

Embroidering on a paper is an easy to learn technique. Mostly used to add various unique style for gift cards, scrap booking and more.It is always best to use heavy papers for this technique, for that is what can hold the design in place until you are done. Including to which, Paper Embroidery requires a lot of cuts and piercing, so a heavy paper is the best choice for this procedure.

What You Need Are

Every type of embroidery has its own requirements. Paper embroidery also requires certain materials.These materials are however easier to find, and some of it can be found in your house too.

  • Piece of heavy paper or card (One should be larger than the other)
  • Size 7 embroidery needles (or any of your choice)
  • Threads and scissors
  • Pencils and erasers

One you find all these materials, begin by drawing the design of your desire onto the wrong side of the paper. If you are unable to draw it, then you can trace it.

Remember to draw with your pencil so it that the excess linings and left overs can be erased. However draw softly, don’t press the pencil too hard, do a light sketch like drawing.

Once you are done with the design, place the design down so it is facing you, and take the needle of your choice and begin to pierce the paper at the intersecting points. Make sure you keep something thick below the paper so that you can prevent damages onto your surface which may take place due to the piercing.

Pre-piercing helps prevent any accidental creasing in the paper. Once done, Turn the paper over and embroider the design.  Do not use any knots or ties. Instead of using a knot, you can hold the end of the thread with your finger, or else you can tape it and remove the tape later.

Basic stitches can be used for this process. Carefully erase the marked lines if visible. Now the paper is ready to use as per your desires. This is the latest and easiest way used to embroider as how the trend goes. Try it and let us know what you think about it.

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