Sewing Elastic Made Easy

By | March 12, 2018


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Elastic is a bit tricky material to be used and it may cause many problems and if we don’t use it correctly then we may land us up in problems and this may spoil your whole deal so we should have extra care on the elastic material which we use and sewing on this material is hard because it doesn’t stay in a particular form always it gets shirked or expanded and this may really be problematic so for this we should know better about the fabrics before we start using it.

Elastic Forms And Quality

We should have knowledge on the material we use and the needles which are to be used for what material the needle should be in a position to withstand the thickness and the right quality of material like ban-rol, stretch and sew, stretch rite sport elastic we can find this material in stored or online or anywhere we want and we should be careful while we buy it in online as we can’t see what it is so it’s better to read review before buying anything just put your step carefully

Stitching Methods

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We should give special care for elastic when we stitch and always stitch it in zig zag method and have the spacing right and then we should see that it doesn’t overlap because there will a chance to get stretched or so and always the edges should meet up diagonally it should be wide always we should always take a proper length of elastic to be stitched like 4 5 inches smaller than the fabric we choose  and we should even take care of the sewing machine and its settings properly before  we start the work to avoid any problem later so we should put all this in mind before we start stitching to avoid any loss.


There are few tips to be followed when we deal with elastic to avoid any wastage as to sew front and back, sew vertically, pin the material together before starting stitching we should use wide and long zig zag stitch and most of all we should see the sewing machine settings before doing anything to avoid any delay and having knowledge about the material before using it always helps us to have a good idea on it so by following above tips u can handle it easily.

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