Sewing 101 – Basics Of Sewing

By | June 5, 2017
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Sewing can be a fun activity that you can do at home. It can also become your good hobby to spend your spare time. You can create a cool dress by sewing. Sewing is not only about making difficult and complex dresses with various designs and decorations. You can also sew to repair some clothes or just make a simple stitching. You can sew with a sewing machine or use your hands to do manual sewing. Overall, sewing is not that difficult as long as you have a desire to learn it.

Not to mention, the first try of sewing will be very challenging. But, it is normal because you need to learn it from the basic. If necessary, you can browse the internet to learn how to sew or read some instruction books. It depends on your effort and seriousness. You must start from the very beginning and learn the basic before you try the advanced one.

Sewing Lessons – Formal or Informal

Sewing can be a difficult thing to do if you do not learn it properly. It must be really hard to learn to sew alone because you do not know everything about sewing. Therefore, it is advisable for you to join a sewing course. Some of the sewing machine sellers may provide sewing course for those who want to learn to sew. It is also not too expensive to join the class. You can use their sewing machine to start the course before you really buy a sewing machine for yourself.

There are also some formal sewing courses that are conducted by a local community college or adult schools. This course will be more affordable than the informal one. You only need to join and become one of their members. Besides, you can also share with other people who also join the class with same interest.

The formal lesson may not be enough to make you understand how to sew. So, you can actually ask your friends who are able to sew well. You can ask them to teach you how to sew properly. You can let them show the best way to show by starting a simple project and make sure that you watch them understand it. This must be really exciting to learn from your best friends because you can learn while chatting.

The last alternative just in case there is no one who can help you is trying to learn it by yourself. You can join online lesson or find some tutorials on YouTube to know how to sew well. You can also utilize Google and find based on keywords like “sewing lessons” and then you will find thousands of references about sewing lessons.

Learn the Lingo

Sewing is not about practice, but you also need to know some terms related to sewing. You can actually buy a book or you can learn some basic terms of sewing from the internet. You may not be familiar with some terms about sewing, but you will understand them after you read them. Learning the sewing lingo can be really helpful to start your very first project of sewing.

Start Small and Easy

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You do not need to start with a complex project in your very first sewing project, but you can try the specific skill to master it. You can sew some simple things. For instance, you can create a pillow cover. This can be the easiest way to start your project before you go to the advanced project. You can also try to make a cloth such as a simple skirt. Once you understand the technique, then you can continue to the next phase.

Save Your Money for Your First Try

It is kind of normal if you want to buy complete sewing kits to start your project.  However, you actually do not need to spend your money to buy some expensive sewing kits and items because you can start with some items that you can find at home. After a few weeks you learn to sew and master some techniques, you can buy any important items related to sewing.

Whatever your purpose is, if you decide to learn to sew, then you must be patient and you need to try and practice it every day. Once you get used to sewing, then you will feel happy to sew and make some cool clothing at home.

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