A Quick FAQ On Machine Embroidery

By | June 11, 2017

Machine embroidery is there since many days and in olden days the machine embroidery was done using machines which were costly.
What is it used for? : This technique is used for making logo embroidery and all or even for making caps and all or anything in bulk and the computer costs are also reduced and helps normal people also to affords this and earn their basic living

What is embroidery digitizing? : Embroidery made by machines is called so and for this people will require a computer, embroidery machine and software relating to it.

How is this done? : Is not as simple as we think we need manual labor even for this to create an embroidery and then the software is used and even in this the embroidery is done step by step as different layers are created for each step from starting to ending so it’s not easy but surely possible.

How does this software help? : This software helps us to know new ideas and help us to learn new methods and it even corrects us if we do something wrong which will be very helpful for people in the starting stages and this may not be as efficient as hand stitch so this software helps us to rectify it at its maximum.

What skills you need for it? : We need to have a well-trained person in this field and a good computer with good software which has plenty of options like different new techniques and models of it and this is a typical thing to get with but if we get along it’s a best thing all we need is good skill with good software computer

How is it helpful? : Through this process we can send the files directly to the client without using any external hardware like pen drive and all so this helps to save the time and money and this software has a great use that it shows the true colors of thread in monitor and as well as the printer and it helps to see how it looks after printing so that it doesn’t shrink or expand to avoid problems.

It is not that easy but when we are fixed to it to learn then it is not a big problem it takes time to learn but it is a simple process and easy one.

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