List Of Sewing Gadgets

By | June 8, 2017

There are so many people who choose to sew to spend their days at home. They say that sewing is a kind of a good hobby.  It is true that you can create some cool dresses using your sewing machine. Learning to sew is not that difficult, and you can learn the basic of sewing to start making a cool dress.

The fact is that people have been sewing since thousands of years ago. But, in the ancient time, people did not sew machine and they did it manually by hand sewing. Nowadays, people can sew to make some decorative clothes using some advanced sewing machines. Both men and women are able to sew and they also do it to earn money.

Since there are a lot of people who can sew, so you do not need to make your own clothes anymore because you can buy them from fashion stores. However, making your own clothes must be more exciting rather than buying them in a mall. Thus, if you really want to make your own dress, you can try to learn to sew but you need some sewing gadgets so you can start sewing at home.

A Sewing Box

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This can be your first simple thing to have when you want to sew. This is a box where you will store your sewing kits in it. It will save your time and money when you have one. You do not need to buy it because you can use an unused box at your home. If you own this box, then you can easily find your sewing kits when you want to sew back on a hem or button of a dress.

Sharp Scissors

Sewing is always dealing with cutting, so you need a scissor. But, you have to use a very sharp scissor to make the cutting easy and smooth. You should never use a dull scissor because it will make the cut look untidy. Besides, it will also make your frustrated, especially when you want to cut a jeans material.

Pinking Shears

Pinking ShearsThis is another type of scissor that you need when you want to make a zigzagged cutting. If you have a fragile fabric, then you can use this pinking shear to prevent the edge from fraying. For example, you need a pinking shear when you sew a fabric made of satin while the pinking shear will make you easy to do it.

Stitch Gauge

It resembles a small ruler to measure the stitch you want to make. It will be easy to use stitch gauge so that you do not make a mistake in measuring when you want to sew straight hems and seams anytime you want.

Taylor’s Chalk

It is a kind of special chalk that is used by most tailors to mark a fabric before it is cut according to the pattern. By using this chalk, you will not get difficulty to remove the chalk when your project is done.

Anti-Fray Solution

In some cases, you really need anti-fraying solution where you can apply to the fabric edge when you sew it. It looks like a super glue that you can apply to all types of fabrics and it is quite safe. But, you must be careful when you pour the anti-fray solution.

Magnetic Pin Holder

Magnetic pin holder is really necessary when you are dealing with small pins so that you can easily reach the pin and needles when you sew a fabric. You can just simply wave it over the fabric to attract up all of the pins so they will not endanger someone’s foot when they fall down on the floor.

Well, those are several gadgets that you need to have if you want to start your first sewing project. Also, you need to remember to prepare a good cover for your sewing machine so that the machine will always clean and keep out dirt and dust. If you do this, then you do not need to do regular maintenance and your sewing machine will always look new.

If you want to start with your new project, then you are also recommended to have a sewing good to learn more about new sewing techniques. Once you master all of the techniques, then you can be a professional tailor and you can earn money from your sewing skills.

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