Brief About Crochet And Its History

By | June 25, 2017

crochetA crochet could be defined as the process of making a pattern or fabric using thread and a crochet hook. The word crochet itself means a “small hook”. A crochet hook could be made of plastic, metal or wood and could easily be available at the artisan shop. Often knitting is confused with crocheting though both are completely different terms.

Origin of Crochet

The crochet is believed to be originated in early 70’s or 80’s when people used to prefer knitting their clothes. Earlier this term was used to exploit knitting but later the techniques of crocheting were discovered and people termed it as Crochet. In early 1846 a book titled as “Shepherd or Crochet was also written which focused on the way of British people using Slip stitch or single crochet for their use.

Irish Crochet

irish crochetIn early 19th century when Irish was suffering from Great Irish Famine, the lacework of crochet was introduced to the people as a way of relieving from famine.  And later that pattern of lace crochet became famous by the name of Irish crochet.

Materials Required For Crochet

For starting the process of crochet only two things are very much necessary they include a crochet hook and a yarn. A crochet hook comes in many sizes and materials like bamboo, aluminum, plastic, steel and many more sources could help in making the crochet. The size of a crochet could be determined on the basis of the hook of crochet. A hairpin loop is often used for creating the lacy and long crochets that look much more beautiful than any ordinary crochets.

The yarn of crochet is generally a fiber that could be suitable for making a crochet. The thickness of crochet is an important factor that could help in determining how many stitches and how many rows of a crochet to be prepared are needed. Though the quality of crochet generally depends on the type of yarn being used. If the kind of yarn being used is good then the crochet made will also be good. The spun of the yard could be made from the animal fiber or the fiber which is synthesized chemically.

Process Of Crochet

The process of crochet could easily be started by the method of “slip-knot loop on the hook” method. The method is simply defined as pulling another loop from the already present loop and the repetition of the act would result in the formation of a chain that which are further interconnected using the slip stitch method. The pattern for creating different crochet could be easily worked by bringing the chains either in round form or in flat form.

Similarities Between Knitting And Crochet

Both are craft work that requires the use of yarn or fiber. Both of them could be used to make: sweaters, shawls, wraps, blankets, Afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, socks and many more creative items.

Both knitting and crochet work requires the use of patterns to give a shape to the yarn. They both need proper eye and hand movement, proper planning before execution of the project. Both of them requires much stitching for getting the final arrangement of pattern

Differences Between Knitting And Crochet

Crochet requires a hook and yarn while for knitting pointed needles and fiber for making the final product. Knitting requires multiple loops to handle at a time whereas crochet requires only a single to handle at a time.

Mathematics Illustration

Though crochet is the correct word when fashion and designing are considered, however when mathematics is concerned a crochet could be used to describe the shapes and view them in 2 dimensions. In terms of architecture the word is widely used in one of the books of architecture “style in the technical arts” the author has looked at the textile as it is a historical piece.

The whole idea of crochet is quite enchanting as it could enhance the beauty of a place, person accordingly. It has also helped some of the countries during its difficult time. As the time is progressing the idea of crochet is increasing and evolving rapidly. Though earlier it was only used for the purpose of earning money and decorating the house items but with the changing times. It has also started being used in fashion at different places by different segments of people. The idea of crochet was very creative and influencing as it took the world by complete surprise. The crochets were earlier used by royalties to depict their superiority over other classes. Crochet is evolving with the evolving world, it is being adapted by people of the new world also in the similar manner as it was being adapted in the old generations. There have been new developments still ongoing in the field of crochet though the change is not complete still, the fashion is changing accordingly.

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