Sewing Elastic Made Easy

Challenges Elastic is a bit tricky material to be used and it may cause many problems and if we don’t use it correctly then we may land us up in problems and this may spoil your whole deal so we should have extra care on the elastic material which we use and sewing on this… Read More »

Dating Chat

Chatting is an essential thing to do when looking for a spouse and true love to stay with forever. Dating chat can be one in so many ways, you can chat online or one on one. The online dating has become the most common thing. The online platform has been promoted by the increased number… Read More »

Different Kinds Of Carrie Crochets

Carrie crochet is one of the all-time favorite clothing styles, though for some time the style was out of fashion it has returned back with a blast again. Making Carrie crochet is one of the most loving hobbies among the women who are staying at home. Carrie crochet is one of the forms of crochet… Read More »

Brief About Crochet And Its History

A crochet could be defined as the process of making a pattern or fabric using thread and a crochet hook. The word crochet itself means a “small hook”. A crochet hook could be made of plastic, metal or wood and could easily be available at the artisan shop. Often knitting is confused with crocheting though… Read More »

A Quick FAQ On Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is there since many days and in olden days the machine embroidery was done using machines which were costly. What is it used for? : This technique is used for making logo embroidery and all or even for making caps and all or anything in bulk and the computer costs are also reduced… Read More »

List Of Sewing Gadgets

There are so many people who choose to sew to spend their days at home. They say that sewing is a kind of a good hobby.  It is true that you can create some cool dresses using your sewing machine. Learning to sew is not that difficult, and you can learn the basic of sewing… Read More »

Sewing 101 – Basics Of Sewing

Sewing can be a fun activity that you can do at home. It can also become your good hobby to spend your spare time. You can create a cool dress by sewing. Sewing is not only about making difficult and complex dresses with various designs and decorations. You can also sew to repair some clothes… Read More »

Teaching Sewing As Business

How To Start? We should always take inspiration from our ancestors on to how to learn sewing because in olden days all our old generation knew how to stitch and in this generation people doesn’t pay much interest in it but it will surely get them good results if they follow this and to start… Read More »